We are a group of Design Consultant and product design engineer dealing with all designing and testing software, feel free to get a consult for your Design and development related problems with us at Oscar Creative Cuts

Oscar Jamuar
Rakesh Dhanani

    "I have worked for various Industries in the past few years where I got to experience all kind of Design and Development related Projects based on mostly all type of 3d modelling and Drafting software.

"I have been working in the Design Department for the past few years. I have relative experience in Welding Fixtures, Decking Pallets, Material handling trolleys and other. Worked with various Automobile companies for the same.

      We started "Oscar Creative Cuts" with a Vision of Helping all the Individuals and Industrial sector's Companies which require Professional and Technical Assistant in their projects who are lacking with such human resources of particular Skillsets.
Here we have formed a team of experts who are Creative with a Problem resolving skills and experts in Modelling Software which will help our customer to get their desired result with less lead time"